Monday, August 31, 2015

Hein is back!

Take a word  vintage photo

Hein  is back!

vintage Stempel ist von darkroomdoor
used stamp is by darkroomdoor


Sadie´sGedankenfülle said...

Wenn dieser Hein mit dem Rad gekommen
ist, war das definitiv eine Meisterleistung bei
dieser Höhe.
Tolles Bild.
Lg Sadie

indybev said...

Nicely done, Rein!

Karla B said...

It's lovely Rein!

Linda Gibbons said...

Love that giant bicycle! Nicely done.

butterfly said...

Fantastic quirky vintage look - love it!
Alison x

Ozstuff said...

This is funny and fabulous. I love the bike-rider's new head. The English name for these old bicycles was "Penny Farthings". The reason behind the name is that the old penny was a large coin and a farthing a very small coin - just like the large front wheel and the small back wheel.

Deann said...

Beautiful job with this... well done.