Monday, June 16, 2014

wedding card

Take a word    bleu - blauw

stamps are by Butterer and de stempelwinkel

kaart voor huwelijk
stempels zijn van Butterer en de stempelwinkel.


Claudia said...

Liebe Rein, die KArte ist ganz bezaubernd!

Ich wünsch Dir einen guten Wochenstart!
♥ Allerliebste Grüße Claudia ♥

Judy said...

Cool card, Rein!

Sid said...

Great design and arty finish !!

Sim said...

Beautiful blue card Rein! :)

Bill said...

Very cute! The red hearts really stand out against the blue.

indybev said...

Great card, Rein!

Electra said...

I love the whimsy of this!